My name is Ethan and I am currently a data scientist in training at Lambda School. I am a tech savy individual that has been trained in culinary arts. I currently work at AmeriBen a third party insurance company, where I work to keep claims within our turn around time. While there I have worked with VBA for Excel and was able to used it to make macros that have decreased the amount of time spent on the daily tasks of my team by at least an hour.
I currently live in Idaho with my wife, 6 month-old daughter and our dog, a 3 year-old border-collie/lab mix. I am a board game enthusiast, with tastes ranging from TCGs, like Magic the Gathering, to deck building games like Dominion or Mystic Vale, with most everything inbetween. One of my favorite dishes to make is Japanese sytle curry and rice, with my own flare on Spring Rolls as a close second.